Will we really need Politics and faith or Is There something better?

There is no absolute answer to the identity question until one has a crystal ball or possesses a direct hyperlink to God and Divine Intelligence. but, there is a sure or no possibility depending on how civilization advances spiritually.

Freedom is a non-existent entity as each us of around the world will pay allegiance to one form of authority or some other. inside the western world of perceived democracy, the confusion is even extra laudable as our esteemed leaders manipulate the people for the benefit of the few under the guise of benefits for the many. One has to applaud the machinations that created this legacy of confusion however we do no longer should approve of its continuity. Within the Middle East of overdue, we’re witnessing contagion of revolts spreading like mercury in gradual but delicate progress easing management into shielding positions even as strength is collected and new leadership assumes manage. The problem with exchanges of management is applicable as to how it’s far followed primarily based on the input of the human beings towards complete involvement at all tiers no longer just at the start.

In all international locations as an example, that selected to rid regimes of electricity like Russia, France and the USA particularly advanced from natural intentions. but, through time and manipulation, strength was then transferred from royalty into the fingers of rich industrialists below the guise of socialism, communism and capitalism. Religions come along and manipulate the people through worry, viola a match made on the planet is consummated, and economies thrive but humans do no longer. In all entities, the people have misplaced or dwindled illustration however due to incredible ingenuity by means of governments, human beings are oblivious to this modification of an event. In Afghanistan and now Pakistan, we’re witnessing the ravages of excessive faith dictating each minute detail of social behaviour and through fear the population dread to rebel.

Faith was by no means intended to be dominant in politics however the male mentality could not separate one from the opposite recognising blessings through uniting country and spiritual forces for amazing blessings. The people due to uneducated ignorance were and nevertheless are below the fantasy that religions represent the thoughts and soul plus the welfare benefits of anybody.

Query 1: Do you witness any us of an inside the global wherein there’s absolute freedom and equality for all participants to include all opportunities without bias?

It does now not exist and never will because the powers in authority know that for their continuity the general populations should be kept in the dark about as many aspects of world commerce as feasible.

Query 2: Do you observed that the message Jesus taught approximately loving our neighbour is virtually exemplified in trendy international politics, economies and non-secular representation? God bless!

Let me hear your observation and answers below.

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