The Existence of God and The Real Courting Among Technology and Faith

God couldn’t consider the religious representatives who pretend to symbolize Him in the world. They have to help God put and cease evilness, but they’ve distorted God’s steering with fake impressions. They are usually targeting what seems to be handy for them at the prevailing moment. they are more concerned with their function than with the upkeep of the sacred reality they have to protect. I claim the stop in their mistakes and sins due to the fact now God will rule the world way to our cooperation. anybody will discover ways to study God’s words in dreams and prevent following human falsifications.

Severa non-secular mysteries were tailored to numerous hard situations and defined with the aid of severa one of a kind interpretations for the duration of our long records. no one can tell the distinction between distortions or authentic instructions. God is revolted with all people, particularly with folks that have to put together His victory over satan and the end of hell. God’s existence is a scientific reality found by way of a psychiatrist, however absolutely comprehended by means of a literature author. God needed a person who would not worry for being in an inferior role; a person who might take delivery of residing with out electricity and glory. He couldn’t agree with scientists for this mission. Carl Jung became a rare exception. He was the best one that did not distort the meaning of dreams with suppositions. that is why he managed to surpass our ambitions. other dream interpreters interpret the meaning of dreams primarily based on their creativeness, even when their theories are justified through clinical motives. God knew that each one scientists are very happy with their intelligence. They wouldn’t understand the significance of humbleness and absolutely obey His guidance without objections.

This is why He organized a literature author to come to be a scientist and entire a scientist’s studies, and then prove to the world that God exists and sends us sensible steerage in dreams. This difficulty become necessary. simplest a person who would have the ability to relate science to artwork, philosophy, and faith ought to have an entire imaginative and prescient of the reality, and assist God positioned an quit to terror on the earth. Neither theologians nor scientists could have the right attitude. I had a strong connection with the sensible subconscious mind way to my magical literary talent. I knew that there was some thing superior inside the extensive Universe, even though I handed thru a protracted length of atheism all through my childhood.

God made me look for salvation without His safety while i used to be writing a literary e book so as to positioned an give up to starvation on earth. the entirety became a part of my instruction. I had to remember the fact that we are unable to discover actual solutions for our troubles due to the fact we’re ignorant, selfish, merciless, and childish. The poetic and philosophical which means of the symbolic dream language is much like the meaning of poetry. that is why I could better recognize the symbolism existent in dreams than all the materialistic explorers who pursued this know-how. I can also apprehend the importance of God’s ache. This ache changed into contemplated in my poems and stories. God is always suffering because we are a ways from sanctity and knowledge. He shouldn’t beg our attention, but He relies upon on our cooperation. But, we opt for our fake freedom. We’re dangerous and violent primates that need to be converted into people way to our obedience to God’s steering. with out this steering we are able to in no way find peace. We have to always take delivery of suffering to be able to exchange our violent behavior, in order that we may additionally stop suffering for all time, after learning how to live peacefully and thankfully.

But, we’re bests. We need to keep away from struggling without seeking to understand something. We don’t need to be ideal. we like to be imperfect atheists who behave like devils in human pores and skin. We choose to do what our personal moral sense goals. We favor to research the whole thing via trial and error. We hate the divine steerage. We hate obedience. We favor to be unfastened and emerge as on terror. Now that I ought to make clear all mysteries thanks to the statistics I had thru dream translation, you could ultimately recognize the global crime at the back of the camouflage of individualism and democracy, and stop being blinded by using indifference, superficiality, and hypocrisy. Stop trusting the standards of your barbarous historic time and its path. You should comply with the which means of desires and abandon all lies. each dream displays the reality.

Dream remedy based totally on the medical approach of dream interpretation enables you understand the lifestyles of some other measurement, past your restrained material fact. Your life stops being wasted without cause or definition. You understand your personal undertaking. You grow to be a top notch individual. Ought to you ever imagine that the dreams you’ve got whilst you sleep incorporate God’s messages? ought to you ever believe that by using translating the meaning of your own desires you can gain general cognizance, and even attain sanctity?

You should have this benefit. The loopy world believes that sanctity is some thing stupid because it means that you have to prevent caring about having fabric pleasures and care approximately your non secular evolution. The definition of sanctity given by the sector was concluded with the aid of those who use violence to impose their decisions. Sanctity is peace, wisdom, and self-self belief. You are forced to accept as true inside the materialistic and atheistic concepts of the barbarous current civilization; a civilization ruled by navy forces and by the immoral conclusions of powerful global leaders who preserve the worldwide financial system in their hands. The sector is ruled with the aid of violence, gold, and illusions. there’s no justice on the earth. we’re simply following the evil plans of folks who preference to possess the entirety they could. The world makes you accept as true with that sanctity is idiocy because it is based on accepting sacrifices as an alternative of having cloth pleasures.

Yes, you have to accept sacrifices with the intention to learn how be humble, generous, honest, and patient. however, this is how you will forestall being violent, immoral, cruel, and detached to the human tragedy. While you attain sanctity you do not make mistakes. You find new treasures. you’re able to stay peacefully and thankfully. Sanctity is non secular perfection. You need to take delivery of making sacrifices and discover ways to acquire sanctity and expertise, in order that you’ll be capable of stay happily, and so you might also purify your spirit and get organized for any other lifestyles after demise in the long run of your task. The existence of your spirit is as actual as God’s existence. The cloth truth is not the entirety existent at the Universe. there may be every other measurement past the cloth reality, which is even greater important than the fabric measurement. This is the proper courting between technology and religion. Possibly you’re indifferent to what is going to take place to you after your demise. You probably assume only about dwelling well today. but, you had better get organized for a marvel, or for a fatality. God could be very patient, however He have to punish individuals who despise His guidance.

If you are a sinner, you have to be frightened of God, and in no way forget about His judgment. You are unfastened to decide what to do along with your lifestyle. however, you must in no way forget that once having this freedom you will arrive to every other dimension. you’ll be judged primarily based for your goodness and to your understanding whilst you were alive. If you will be evil, you will be abandoned in hell. if you want to be a winner and input God’s state after being examined on the earth, you have to care about your conduct and your non secular health. You should virtually comply with my example and obey the divine steerage in desires with out objections. God will in reality assist you conquer lifestyles challenges and reap spiritual perfection. this is His aim. God is your savior.

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