How SEO Works For Online Shops

You want your business and online shop to expand to its fullest potential, and an SEO strategy (or search engine optimization strategy) can work to bring higher amounts of visitors to your online shop and subsequently, get your business a higher amount of customers.

But how does SEO work, and what goes into creating an SEO campaign? At 1 Digital Agency, we can create and provide a customized SEO campaign for your online shop.

How One Digital Agency Does SEO

We start all of our SEO and digital marketing campaigns with an audit of your online shop. We provide an extensive analysis of your website and leave no stone unturned so that we can approach your SEO strategy with knowledge of the ins and outs of your online shop. Then, we go into extensive keyword research.

This is one of the most critical initial steps in any good SEO strategy; the keywords that are chosen work to determine the niche you want to fit into, the audience you want to attract, and how readily accessible your online shop is on a search engine.

Next, we conduct usability and conversion analysis, as well as a site structure analysis. For a usability and conversion analysis, we are working to determine how well your online shop flows, and how usable it would be to a visitor and potential customer.

If your site has technical difficulties or doesn’t operate smoothly, someone visiting your site is less likely to purchase a product. Our site structure analysis is our way of determining whether your website has a strong foundation to handle an extensive SEO campaign. And if it doesn’t, we make sure it will!

The next portion of our SEO strategy is the nuts and bolts of the operation; simply put, we are optimizing your online shop to try and make it as high ranking and as relevant in a search engine as possible. This includes on-site content writing and on-page optimization.

Our on-site content writing means that wherever there is and can be worked in your online shop; they will be carefully crafted to fit in keywords for your SEO. Our on-page optimization strategies make every single one of your website’s pages a drive for higher website rankings.

The last portion of our SEO campaign for your online shop is all about marketing. First, we do conversion optimization consulting; this means that our marketing team works with you to turn visitors to your site into customers.

Then comes inbound content marketing, which works to create content (like blog articles) that will be shared by other people and businesses to spread the word even further. After that we incorporate a partner and link strategy to your online shop, to create some partnerships with other businesses to increase your traffic further.

And last but not least, we help you with social media marketing. Our social media team will help you learn how to talk to your customers.

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