Digits v7.8.1.5 – WordPress Mobile Number Signup and Login

Download Digits– WordPress Mobile Number Signup and Login is a WordPress Plugin That Allow its users to register on your website using just their mobile number. No more checking email.

Just SMS!, In this fast world, no one has time to connect to your website using regular email, as this is not the only step, the user has to log in to the email account – open the email – click the confirmation link. get to check your email and then access your website account.

Feature Digits – WordPress Mobile Number Signup and Login

  • Register via mobile phone: Let your users register with mobile numbers and increase the conversion rate. Reduce users headaches when activating accounts via email.
  • Log in without password: In this Internet world, it is almost impossible to remember all the passwords used by users to register on different websites.
  • Give your customers no login password. Login with a one-time password sent to your user via SMS to his mobile number
  • Authorization without email address: Allow your users to log in via mobile number. Forget the traditional letters used to create an account.
  • Custom form fields: Add to your authorization and registration forms, such as text, numbers, drop-down lists, checkboxes, radio boxes, etc
8 October 2021 Version 7.8.1
IMPROVED Foxglove Gateway API Update
IMPROVED Kalyera settings
IMPROVED Allow theme to overwrite our font
FIXED Username generation not working with addon
FIXED Elementor overwrite issue
FIXED Styling issues in settings
FIXED Esendex gateway issue

23 July 2021 Version 7.8
NEW Added option to generate username with or without country code in phone numbers
NEW Line break support in SMS template
NEW Shortcode and php code to display native form in any page
NEW Option to restrict certain phone numbers from signup
NEW Msg91 unicode support
IMPROVED Oneclick addon will now support phone number validation
IMPROVED Oneclick addon will also update WC billing phone field
FIXED TurkeySMS gateway issue
FIXED Removed deprecated wp_no_robots function
FIXED select2-full missing

= 23 April 2021 - Version 7.7 =
NEW smsaleart.co.in gateway integration
NEW hubtel.com gateway integration
NEW toast.com gateway integration
NEW telesign.com gateway integration
NEW kavenegar.com gateway integration
NEW brandedsmspakistan.com gateway integration
NEW beeline.ru gateway integration
NEW sms.ru gateway integration
NEW routee.net gateway integration
NEW web2sms237.com gateway integration
NEW smsmode.com gaetway integration
NEW turkeysms.com.tr gateway integration
NEW sozuri.net gateway integration
NEW kivalosolutions.com gateway integration
NEW sms.ninja gateway integration
NEW websms.com gateway integration
NEW DLT compatibility with many Indian gateways
IMPROVED Unifonic URL update
FIXED Issue with SMSMasivos
FIXED Autofill WC field setting not working
FIXED Edit phone number not working with some custom theme profiles
FIXED Number saving without +

= 3 March 2021 - Version 7.6 =
NEW OsonSMS gateway integration
NEW SMS.ir gateway integration
NEW Doo.ae gaeway integration
NEW Notify.lk gateway integration
NEW Malath.net.sa gateway integration
NEW One click addon support in shortcodes
IMPROVED Updated firebasejs
IMPROVED Improved phone number recognition
IMPROVED Mims gateway updated
IMPROVED Better redirection for password reset
IMPROVED Focus field automatically when modal is opened 
IMPROVED Autofill 
FIXED Issues with SMSMISR gateway 
FIXED Issues with Alfacell gateway 
FIXED Issues with 2factor gateway 
FIXED Issues with SMSIdea gateway 
FIXED Shortcode render bug 
FIXED User getting logged out when clicking on dashboard in some websites 
FIXED Error after entering OTP for registration but user still getting created 
FIXED PHP warning for email filter 
FIXED Blog page conflict with builder 
FIXED Custom redirection not working in builder forms with SMS Passcode 
FIXED Add button color in old account migrator modal

= 13 January 2021 - Version 7.5 =
NEW: Shortcodes to display native forms
NEW: ip-api.com integraton for country code detection
NEW: Autofill WooCommerce fields with signup data
NEW: Message template is shifted to gateway section for better control
IMPROVED: Improved loading times
IMPROVED: Added sender name in Orange gateway
FIXED: Parts of letter missing in foreign characters
FIXED: Phone number not showing in edit user page in some cases due to conflict
FIXED: Builder warning in ajax
FIXED: Registration message in Oneclick addon

= 16 December 2020 - Version 7.4.2 =
IMPROVED: WordPress 5.6 compatibility
FIXED: Agile telecom not working
FIXED: Input mask issue on admin end
FIXED: Phone number issue with 0 for Republic of the Congo Country
FIXED: Color picker crash when using dokan
FIXED:Resend OTP issue

= Version =
- Valid json string warning
- NEW: Option to overwrite forgot password link
- NEW: Messagebird WhatsApp Gateway
- NEW: Gupshup WhatsApp Gateway
- NEW: Karix WhatsApp Gateway

Download Digits v7.8.1.5 Nulled: WordPress Mobile Number Signup and Login:

>>Download Digits v7.8.1.5<<


Download Addons Digits 

  • DIGITS: Additional Fields & Logic Builder Addon v1.6
  • DIGITS: REST API Addon v2.1
  • DIGITS: Forced Login Page Lock Addon v2.0.1
  • DIGITS: One Click Login/Signup Addon v2.7
  • DIGITS: Email Filter Addon v1.5
  • DIGITS: Country Based SMS Gateway Addon v1.7.1
  • DIGITS: Merge Phone Number Addon v1.8.0
  • DIGITS: Builder v0.9.6.6
  • Additional SMS Gateways v4.0
  • DIGITS: Old Account Migrator Addon v1.8.2
  • DIGITS: User Account Approval v1.1

>>Download Digits v7.8.1.5 Addons<<

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