Best Video Ad Networks To Monetize Videos in 2022

Best Video Ad Networks, Monetize Video: As we know, monetization using video ads is so much profitable and to do that the publishers need the help of such Ad Networks that provide video ad formats or video monetization. There are two things here, an advertiser and the other one is a publisher.

A publisher can be a blogger or app publisher where he can make space for the ads to be displayed later on. When people open his. blogs or apps, video ads will be shown and he will receive some amount of money from that. An advertiser provides ads of his products and pays money whenever his ads are displayed or clicked or played(for videos).

Using Video Ads For Monetization Is Profitable?

So what are the advantages of using video ads for monetization? It’s because video ads have generally high CPM rates and they are highly profitable and also it depends upon your blog niche if you are a web publisher. Advertising company pays more for video ads that’s why using them can be very profitable as compared to other ad formats. But there can be some disadvantages too. Like people really don’t watch ads, they just skip them (when talking about In-apps video ads) but if it is relevant to users, it can help you earn some good revenue.

List Of Best Video Ad Monetization Ad Networks

Here are some of the best video ad monetization ad networks that you can try using for your blogs and apps. Let’s get started.

  • Rubican Project
  • Video Intelligence
  • SpringServe
  • Primis
  • Facebook Audience Network
  • SelectMedia
  • Unruly
  • Fyber

Rubican Project

Rubican Project is an advertising company that helps publishers and advertisers. Monetization from video ads is possible here and you can get these video ad-formats, Native, Rewarded Video, OutStream, Vertical Video, Pre-roll, Mid-roll, and Post-roll. Rubcan Project is the best mobile advertising platform that is easy to use and has high eCPM rates. Also, if you are a mobile app publisher, you can try to monetize your mobile apps with it. It provides relevant & safe video ads.

Video Intelligence

Video Intelligence (VI) is a contextual video platform that helps publishers to put relevant video stories on their blogs to help them in increasing revenue. They use many technologies and algorithms to match videos according to the user’s taste. It depends upon the blog niche & Metadata of visitors. So, they can find ads useful. The video ads that are shown on VI have high CPM rates. The minimum payout limit is $100 and it’s monthly and can be done with Wire-Transfer.


Springserve is another Video Monetization Ad Network that supports mobile as well as desktop advertising. It also supports app monetization. It has some cool features that include Yield Management, Real-time Analytics, Video Header Bidding, etc. Due to Video Header Bidding, the page load time is reduced so that the visitor can have a great experience. It’s also easy to implement for publishers. Due to Real-time analytics, optimization became fast, and data can be accessed easily in one place. With the help of tools, SpringServer serves ads in multi-platforms, like on a mobile app, or using the web, or tv. The payments are paid every 7th day of every month.


Primis Ad Network is today’s best Video Ad platform where publishers can apply for monetization approval for video ads. It has over 120 Million users and over 12 Million new video content. Also, it uses machine learning technology to provide relevant content according to your visitor’s metadata. It has a Primis Unit that fits almost all the websites to show video ads and that attracts the audience. CPM rates in Primis are high. Also, it gives opportunities for people to apply for jobs by sending a CV. The minimum payout limit is $50 through Wire and Cheque.

Facebook Audience Network

Facebook Audience Network can also be a good choice for video monetization but only for your apps or games. It provides rewarded video, playable ads, In-Stream Video, etc. popular Ad Formats that can be implemented on gaming apps so that small app developers can make some profit. It has high CPM rates as well. If you are an app developer, you can provide some features that can be unlocked by watching ads so that they really can watch them. Also, the Facebook Audience Network provides quality ads to your users to highly engage your audience while keeping full interest in your gaming apps.


SelectMedia is an Asian Advertising Network, especially for video monetization. Its video ad formats contain In-Article, Vidsplay In-Article Floating, Outstream video, and Bottom Sticky. These all ad formats have high CPM rates and they can be very profitable. Another important feature of SelectMedia is Video SSP which includes Yield optimization, Ad Server, Video Player, and CDN (which is used to host video files). This Ad Network also provides the feature for real-time dashboards to look complete activities of the website. It uses Full Stack Video Technology to target audiences using algorithms. Their minimum requirement starts from 10k-20k page views monthly and 5k-10k unique monthly visitors.


Unruly is another good-to-use Ad Network for video monetization. It has some cool video ad formats which have high CPM rates and are very relevant. These ad formats are Unmissable, In-Article, Vertical Video, In-Page, In-Stream, etc. Implementation of Ads on Unruly is very simple as well. It supports mobile advertising as well as desktop advertising. It has high CPM rates for video monetization. In this Ad Network, the minimum payout limit is $50 and can be done via PayPal.


Fyber Ad Network is especially for mobile app monetization. Its Multi feature provides high eCPM rates for app monetization. It has a lightweight SDK integration feature that is easy to implement on your mobile apps. Its popular video ad formats are full-screen video, rewarded video, etc. All these result in high revenue for publishers. It also has a cool feature with which we can change the design of our ads to make them user-friendly. The hardest part of Fyber is, you can only be paid when your revenue reaches €1000.


So guys what do you think about this article Best Video Monetization Ad Networks? Did you find it useful? If you do, make sure to comment on your favorite Ad Network for video monetization and if you know any other best Ad Network for this purpose, make sure you tell us in the comment section. We will wait for your opinions. Also, if you are looking for other informative articles related to Ad Networks, you can visit our website.

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