Best Ad Networks For Small Apps Publishers in 2022

Best Ad Networks For Small Apps Publishers And Instant Approval: Without money, a business can’t be extended that’s why small apps publishers also need to monetize their apps to grow some revenue from their apps so that they can work on other projects too. So what to do if you are a small app publisher and want to monetize them? But do you know what app monetization is?

App Monetization can be done using networks called App Monetization Ad Networks. You must be thinking, Are they any different from normal Ad Networks? No, they all are the same, they all help you do monetization but mostly App Monetization ad networks are different than web monetization ad networks. As some are famous for app publishers, and some are for just blog monetization.

So how can these Ad Networks help a small app publisher to earn money from his app? Well, they have some tools which can help you to connect with those ad networks to implement SDK in your app, after that your app can start showing ads. Some popular app monetization ad networks use the latest technology to show relevant ads even in mobile apps according to the user’s metadata.

Also, you can make adjustments in your apps, like, watching this ad to earn rewards, unlocking new areas, maps, or even new levels or premium features. These can help you to earn some money, it’s the feature of app monetization. If you are a mobile game app developer, you can try using ad networks like Unity Ads and IronSource. And simply, when people will use your apps, they will see ads on them, and whenever they will tap on them, you will receive some amount of money depending upon the ads. Also, you will get some money when ads will be displayed on your app.

List Of Best Ad Networks For Small Apps Publishers

We brought you some of the best Ad Networks for small app publishers, that you can try using and earn decent revenues. Using these monetization ad networks are very useful nowadays, as you have seen on Youtube or on websites, ad networks are so large and publishers are earning so much money using them. So now it’s your turn to make some money by turning your small apps into an earning source. So let’s get started.

  1. Facebook Audience Network
  2. Smaato
  3. StartApp
  4. Fyber
  5. Epom Apps

Facebook Audience Network

Facebook Audience Network provides so many features and can be helpful for small publishers to monetize their apps. It’s a great opportunity for mobile game developers to start monetizing. Ad formats like Interstitial ads, In-Stream videos, Rewarded videos, and playable ads are the most profitable ad formats provided by the Audience Network. Using it and implementing ads on the app is fast and easy also. This network provides high-quality ads that grow your app monetization. You just need to follow a few steps to start making money from your app. The minimum payout is $100 and it’s monthly.


Smaato Ad Network is another best way to monetize for small app publishers because of its easy and fast implementation. It has high eCPM rates that help small publishers to earn profits with even low app users. Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX) provides an API feature with which publishers can get detailed information about traffic, revenue reports, and other important information.

It also takes a few steps to enable monetization on apps for small publishers. The minimum payout limit is $100 and can be done by multiple payment methods, PayPal, Bank Transfer, and Wire-Transfer, and can be done monthly.


StartApp is a mobile advertising platform where you can easily monetize your mobile apps with high eCPM and quality ads with a lot of engagements in ads. The best thing in this ad network is also the easy implementation of SDK in apps just like Smaato. Currently, over 400,000 mobile apps are monetized using StartApp Ad Network. It’s easy to understand and use. It supports multiple platforms that include Apple, Android, and Unity. They also provide a dashboard system where you can check performance and other features like monthly or weekly reports. Multiple ad formats are available here Interstitial ads, Playable ads, Video ads, 360 ads, Virtual reality ads, etc. The minimum payout limit is $50 and it’s monthly and carried out with PayPal and Wire-Transfer. Check and ACH payment methods are available for US publishers only.


Fyber is a platform where small publishers are able to do app monetization as it is simple and fast here because of its exclusive features. It provides a simple and lightweight SDK that is easy to implement. For iOS users, Fyber supports an app named Musi, which can help small app publishers to increase eCPM in monetization. It also supports multiple ad formats that include Banner, Interstitial, MREC, Full-screen video, and Rewarded video. If you have a great application that has a great number of downloads, then Fyber can be a very good choice because you need to complete €1000 in your account in order to get paid. It’s hard but not impossible. It supports Net 45 payments means you will get paid after 45 days. Like the July payment will be paid in mid-September.

And another great feature that is provided by Fyber is “Offer Wall Edge”, it’s a feature that helps your app to boost revenue but how? Well, it takes a few steps to enable this feature, and it will simply enable whenever someone will use your app, it can open various features like a survey or will ask your user to play a game, and in return, your user will be able to unlock some extra features or simply get some coins or resources if talking about gaming apps. You simply need to edit these features by yourself so that you can increase your revenue.

Epom Apps

EpomApps provides high eCPM rates for small app publishers. They use some algorithms to match ads to your user’s interest in order to provide relevant ads that help publishers to earn properly. EpomApps SDK is easy to implement just like other best App Monetization Networks. Ad formats that are supported are Smart banners, Native Ads, Full-screen Interstitial Ads, and Rewarded Videos. Native ads also support Video Ads. The minimum payout threshold is $100 and can be paid by PayPal & Wire-Transfer and it only supports Net 45 payments just like Fyber App Monetization Ad Network.


So guys what do you think about these Best Ad Networks For Small Apps Publishers? Are you new in the app monetization world? Make sure you comment and inform us about your best app monetization ad network that is helping your apps currently. We are glad to know this. Also, if you are looking for information related to the best file hosting services, Free Web Hosting Services, Best CPA Affiliate Networks, Best CPM Ad Networks, etc, you can visit us. Our team wishes you all the best in your app monetization experience. Have a good day.

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